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Introduction to Fashion

Introduction to Fashion

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Fashion is the term that may be defined as the spirit, the joyful state of mind, it is a very vast field and I can Speech on Fashion for hours and hours. As this article is about introduction to fashion so I will explain each and every aspect of it, It is not just confined to clothing but it deal with life style, living standard of being.

introduction to fashion

This World is very vast but before entering to this world we will look over the History.

History of Fashion

It is necessary to go in detailed history for the introduction of fashion. As it is as old as Human but fashion industry experts  considered this field rapidly emerging from last 200 years.

history of fashion

Current Fashion

Introduction to fashion does require to explains the Current Fashion trends as  modern as the world. And as it is lifestyle. So it is based on the geographical location where the people today’s no one can live without Fashion. There are different types of Fashion.
Clothing, Living Standard, Make-up, Style and Luxury all these term are somehow related to this Industry.

introduction to fashion

Types of Fashion

Female Clothing

Females Clothing’s are more trending than Male that’s the also reason Most of Fashion Week Conducted related to female Clothing’s. Female mainly focus on Matching of their costume but now the trend change they are open to change the contrast colors they like light colors but dark are also famous . Mostly color are dependent on Seasons like they lights colors are popular in summers including Yellow Light Pink colors remains famous among this season.

While in winter dark colors are famous and heavy jackets like Long coats and longs shoes are used. Dark colors are Black Dark Blue are most famous among them.


female clothing in fashion 2017

Male Clothing

Males are mostly not conscious about fashion but they are interested to change their dressing regularly and also want to do something special on Special Occasion like Wedding or get together or something like presentation.

Men’s Clothing’s also depend on Body Type, Mostly clothing’s of men are casual. Most of Professional are interested to dress Formal.

male dressing fashion

Life Style.

Lifestyle means the living style the luxury the one can enjoy. It include your residency, your’s travelling, your holidays trips, it’s also include your gifts to others.

Living Style Fashion

It also include your ride most of the time people are interested to build their ride according to their thoughts or mind set  Decent or mature people like decent ride.

luxury car fashion
fashion moved towards cars in men as dreaming and selecting luxurious cars


It is concluded that Fashion is complete live style, and it is not just limited to clothing. it starts physically from hairs and end at shoes and also deals with live style standard, it also deals with how the person may talk.